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Welcome to my online Home. I am a Software Engineer by profession. I studied Bachelor in Computer Software Engineering from UET Peshawar. I've studied Ms in Computer Software Engineering from Malardalen University Västerås. I have worked as a Drupal/Wordpress and PHP developer in Stockholm at Awave AB and Cybercom Group. I have various skills in different technologies.

I love what I do, that's why I do it well!

Frontend Skills

HTML5, CSS3, SASS/Compass, JavaScript, jQuery, Adobe Photoshop, Basic Angular, Responsive Design, PSD to HTML/Theme Development, Gulp, Basic SEO knowledge

Backend Skills

PHP, MySQL Drupal, Wordpress, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Symfony, Module development, Plugins Development, Widgets Development, TDD, Facebook/Twiter APIs, WAMP, LAMP, MAMP stacks

Other Skills

OSX, Ubuntu, Fedora Configurations, FTP, SSH, SVN & Git, Jira, Redmine, MS Office

  • Östersunds Djurshukhus

    I developed this site while working at Awave AB. I used Drupal7, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript, jQuery. Git was used for Code management

    Östersunds Djurshukhus is an animal hospital situated in Östersunds Sweden. They provide different services including surgeries to different kinds of animals

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  • Systecon

    Systecon AB is a Swedish company which provides services in different fields including Defence, Energy and Transport etc.

    Users can go to their site and register for different courses. They offer courses and trainings in various fields. They are also offering different products.

    Systecon was developed using Drupal7, HTML5, SASS, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript. I worked on it along with other developers.

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  • SF Bokhandeln

    Science Fiction Bookhandeln is a book shop located in Västerlång gatan Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö

    They sell different books, magazines, films and DVDs etc. Users can buy online as well as in their shops. I worked with another developer on this project

    SF Bokhandeln was devloped using Drupal Commerce, HTML5, SASS, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript. SVN was used for code management.

  • WX3

    WX3 is a Telecom related company which proivdes services in the telecom field

    They provide services in Telephone exchanges, mobile switching. They also help in video communications and conference calls. They provide business plans to different companies.

    WX3 was devloped using Drupal7, HTML5, SASS, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript. Git was used for code management.

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  • Get Busy

    Get Busy is a Swedish talent hunting company which helps different companies in hiring talented people in the IT field.

    They provide their services to different companies which are on the look for new talent. It is located in Stockholm. I had to work with another developer to develop the site.

    WX3 was devloped using Wordpress, HTML5, SASS, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript. Git was used for code management.

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